Is SmartThings and z wave works properly in BRAZIL?

(Mauro Junio) #1

Hi there, I am about to go to Us in the next months, planning to automate my apartment, want to buy SmartThings hub and z waves and zeegbee devices! But I am afraid of it doesn’t work properly and get headaches cause this! Is there anyone that can tell a experience with SmartThings bought in Us running well in Brazil? Is there any Brazilian very happy with Smartthings and Zwave brought from US?

What’s is that about frequency and issues with the law!
(Robin) #2

Brazil uses a different Zwave frequency compared to the US hubs (and the U.K. ones for that matter)

It will work fine so long as you also buy your devices from the US… but you’d probably be breaking the law as it could cause interference with local infrastructure that relies on the frequency band.

You will also never be able to receive customer support outside a supported country.

(Mauro Junio) #3

Thanks @RobinWinbourne, did you mean the smart devices build by Z wave or ZigBee? Not electronics devices like mixers, Tv, coffee maker am I right?

(Mark) #4

Any device that uses the z-wave protocol to communicate wirelessly will only work with other devices on the same frequency; z-wave frequencies differ across regions of the world.

Zigbee devices communicate on the same frequency everywhere.

(Robin) #5

Also WiFi devices should be ok if they are in the ST compatibility list (and also WiFi devices that are supported by community device handlers)

(Mauro Junio) #6

Trying to avoid issues and penalties with the law, I would be able to set and command the whole apartment with ZigBee devices? In your opinion is the best way to go guys?! @marktheknife @RobinWinbourne


Mauro, Smartthings only work in selected countries, not Brazil. In orther to make it work there, you’ll have to:

  1. Create an US Samsung account.
  2. Use a VPN to simulate an US IP and log into the Smartthings app with the US account using your phone or tablet while using an US IP.
  3. Then you’re good to go.

Otherwise it’s impossible.

Best luck,