Smartthings outside of the US

Hello all. I am fairly new to the HA field, and I have been extensively researching and settled upon smartthings as my number 1 choice for a smart hub. However, I live in the Caribbean and I am just curious about one thing in particular.

I realise thst there are US, UK and other z-wave frequencies etc. so my question is : if I buy a US version of the smarthub and all US accessories (sensors etc), will it work even though I am outside of the US? I know that buying UK “Things” won’t work with a US hub, so I’m just curious. Do I need to be literally in the US or can I just buy all US components and expect the system to function as advertised.

EDIT: Also, where I’m from we do have the same specs as the US 110-120 (50-60hz) power supplies if that makes a difference.

Zwave frequencies are different in different countries because different countries use different frequencies for things like ambulance communications, cordless phones, and mobile phones. Zwave frequencies are licensed for ranges that will not interfere with these local communications.

For this reason, it may be illegal to use US Z wave frequencies in a country that reserves those frequencies for, say, ambulance communications. So it’s not just a technical issue.

All of that said, much of the Caribbean uses the US frequencies anyway. Here is the official list of frequencies:

So if your region uses US frequencies, you’re fine with the regular smartthings version.

If you region does not use US frequencies, you need to check locally to see if there are any legal restrictions against using the US frequencies.

Finally another user from Latin America :smiley: Im from domincan republic, where are u from?? US zwave works perfect here

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Im from mexico and planning on buying smarthings for my home. (import hub and all accessories from the US). But in order to get text notifications, will it be able to send text messages to my cel phone? my guess is that if it works in Dominican Republic I don’t see why not in mexico. Any help??

i havent tried the sms yet, but everything else works fine

Mexico uses the same zwave frequencies and voltage as the US.
NOtifications are sent via internet thru the smartthings app
So dont worry, it will work.

Which hub are you using down there I have a friend that has Alexa and is having problems setting it up so was going to bring him hub and some lights etc… not sure what to get due to the power differences down there.

I really like to know this too , I have an V3 US version and like to use it in the DR. The US version shall work on 908.4 and 916 Mhz.

however …
apparently the legal frequency for the DR - Z-Wave = 919.8 and 912.4.
So , just wondering if there is any inconvenience …
than you all …

The SigmaDesigns link seems to be dead now. Try this instead

According to the above the DR frequencies are 919.8 and 921.4 (you made a small typo). This means your frequencies match the Australasia region e.g. Australia. There is an Australian version of the Smartthings Hub.

If you want to be legal and compatible with official DR Z-Wave products then you would need to get this version.

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Perfect , thank you very much … Do you know where to get the Australian version btw ?



Australian version of the Smartthings Hub.

Perfect , thank you very much … Do you know where to get the Australian version btw ?

The link was in my reply here it is again