Taking smartthings for use outside USA

I m using samsung smartthings version 2 at my home. I m moving out of this country to India permanently. I would like to take it there and use it. Will i get any warranty and support? Will i be able to use all features just like using it here?

I m surprised i havnt received a response yet

If you use zwave devices it could be an issue

I dont use any other zigbee/zigwave devices at home outside India other than ST.

The issue isn’t what you are using. It’s what else is being used nearby.

Z wave is on different frequencies for the same reason that mobile phones operate on different frequencies in different parts of the world. In part to avoid interference with local ambulance and fire fighter communication devices.

The official Z wave frequency for India is different from the one for the US. I don’t know if it’s illegal to operate a device on the US frequency there, it is in some countries, but in any case you don’t want the paramedics or firefighters to have difficulty once they come to your house because your smartthings hub is interfering with their communications system. :disappointed_relieved:


As far as warranty, that’s stated in the user manual: it will not apply once you are outside the US. And of course it would have expired several years ago as far as your original post.

And one more point: the available smartapps and device support are region specific in the new V3 app. So it may be that once you changed your address to a location in India some of your existing devices and smart apps would no longer work with the new app. And the classic app is being discontinued eventually.

So it may technically work for now. But in the future you will probably have to use devices which are manufactured for the region that you are in. And there may be a legal issue in the meantime, that varies from country to country.

You can verify this by contacting support, of course.

You can of course disable zwave from the IDE.

Ok thats a lot of useful information. Thank u so much in taking time in writing to me. As far as i can see i live in the remote parts of India so interference error with the local network is mostly impossible because an ambulance takes half n hour to arrive and no interference with police walkie-talkie too coz there is no police station anywhere nearby 20kms. Overall I think i m secluded with technology which i m liking it and I continue to support ST even if i m in Mars.
Thank you

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Yes, but then the Z wave devices that the OP already owns won’t work. So it didn’t sound like that was what was being asked.