Frequency Z- Wave Brazil

Good afternoon,

I am looking to buy the central Smartthings in Brazil but I have two questions :

1 - The modules operate at 220V ?

2 - What is frencia work z -wave ?? Here we use 921.4 mhz

Thanks in advance

Hi Malcon,

the ST hub is DC. So, you will use the original power source that can work at 110V or 220V. Or, you can use any DC power source with 5V/2A.

In US, Z-Wave works at 908MHz. So, you probably will have to buy everything from there and operates at US frequency. You can possible face interferences issues.

I’m using ST in Brazil but avoiding Z-Wave products. I really like Zigbee much more than Z-Wave.

And have some Wi-Fi stuffs. Works pretty well.

Otávio Ribeiro

Hi Otavio,

ST works with Zigbee?

@otaviojr Hey, have you ever had any problem with your smart system? Is that all working properly?
I heard someone in this blog talking about may have problem in Brazil with the law and authorities, cause the system could spoil the ambulance and police system!! Is that true? Thank you, from Brazil as well!

Hi Mauro, no problems at all. I’ve been using smartthings in Brasil for 3 years now. Most of my devices are Zigbee anyway, which uses a global 2.4Ghz frequency.

Otávio Ribeiro

Thank you @otaviojr for helping me, I am such confused because I was not sure if Smartthings worked well here! Which smart hub do you use to control your system? Have you had any problems?

@Mauro_junio , I’ve been using only Smartthings V2 Hub. Even my Philips Hue lamps are paired directly to him. For Philips Hue I bought a controller to be able to reset bulbs… sometimes I have to. They lose their connection. But, no problem at all.

Once, the Hub changed the channel to one different of light link specification and the philips control was not able to reset bulbs. That was bad. I used a MeshBee and a firmware I coded to reset bulbs. The controler only reset bulbs on light link channels. That was the worst I have faced so far. But, you can use the Philips Bridge with SmartThings and avoid this kind of trouble. Anyway, this happened only once, 2 years ago.

Hi @Felipe_dos_Santos_Vi, sorry about the delay, only see this now. Yes, it does support ZigBee. Very well.

Tks a lot bro!

@otaviojr I appreciate a lot your own experience! Thank you a lot