Is Samsung killiing ST for independent developers?

I’ve been waiting almost two years for new Developer Workspace in order to have some proper tools to create device handlers for my unsupported IoT. Now, when I finally got it, I need to be in an organization? I don’t have any authority to represent some company, who doesn’t give a f**k about supporting SmartThings (looking at you, Fibaro). Does that mean, that I’m basically trapped in old developer workspace with incomplete (and sometimes plain wrong) documentation and API for the old SmartThings mobile app?

there are suppose to be some announcements about the future at SDC later this month…

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The only thing an organization can do in the new developer workspace that you can’t is submit the DTH for publication.

The handlers still need to be created in the old workspace…


Oh… So the new API for SmartThings App is still not released, even for organizations?

There is no new api yet for hub connected device handlers.

Correct. At the moment it’s basically just a way for organizations to add their fingerprints to the built-in handlers.

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