Samsung Developer Conference 2019 (October 29-30, 2019)

Something to look for…


Just don’t jump to conclusions ahead of any official announcements. We were promised “local processing” with the V2 hub, and remember how that turned out. :wink:


Well since the V2 hub is still getting firmware updates, I guess they’re still on track :wink:



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There is some local processing on our hubs. I don’t think anyone is going to argue that we are at 100% local processing, but it’s definitely greater than 0. It’s also a fine line to walk in this community when trying to share information about future directions and plans we have as anything said can be misconstrued as a promise made and then broken. Without making any specific promises on dates of delivery, we are headed towards a more local future. Definitely not away from it.


Unless something has changed, the current local processing is limited to the official smart lighting feature and a few parts of Smart Home Monitor.

No custom code runs locally.

Modes cannot be changed locally.

The Security features cannot be armed/disarmed locally.

Smart locks cannot be opened locally via automation with the new app.

The mobile app cannot communicate with the hub locally.

New automations cannot be added locally even if they would run locally once they were added.

Scenes do not run locally.

Notifications do not run locally.

So if you have predefined some automations that will not require location.mode changes or security.mode changes and you don’t need to do anything in the mobile app and you don’t need notifications and you aren’t using scenes and you don’t need ST to unlock the doors then, OK, some stuff will run locally. Otherwise you’re out of luck.

I suppose that’s technically greater than 0 but it’s not anything like the use cases advertised on the box or the website.


I think you’re being a bit of a scallywag Mr Roberts.




Link to sessions here. They are still being added.




There are also going to be interactive code lab sessions. I encourage everyone here to provide feedback about what they are most interested in hearing from the developer’s perspective. There may not be a session slated for it, but if there is enough interest in something we can try and have the answers during the code labs or when we are on the floor.


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