[OBSOLETE] PlantLink-DirectMonitor 1.2 Released

Monitors your Plantlinks via Kristopher Kubicki’s plantlink-direct devicetype , and sends notifacations daily when your plants need water. This app is not compatible with the PlantLink or Plant Link devicetypes.
App and readme: GitHub - sidjohn1/smartthings: A collection of smart apps for smartthings
Raw Code: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/sidjohn1/smartthings/master/PlantLink-DirectMonitor.groovy
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Support for this app is by donation only:



That’s a lot of snake plants. Do they eat gnats and mosquitos, or only bigger insects?

Luckily i don’t have an insect problem in my home… well other than an annual lady bug infestation, but i think i can handle that one. I keep most of the Snake Plants aka Mother in Law Tongue in my bedroom as a 0 point energy air filter. I’m also using Peace Lilys and Golden Pothos aka Devils Ivy in other rooms but i don’t have plant links for them yet. Just in case anyone is interested in going low tech for air filtration here are some good links.

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oops I was thinking of pitcher plants. I can’t stand it when mosquitos are loose in the house, then in my ear at night - bzzz

Good info about snake plant filtering.

Snake plants are fantastic. Very low maintenance too! Try ZZ plants too

PlantLink-DirectMonitor has been updated to version 1.2
New in this version: Automated notifcation schedule and simpler UI

Hey everyone, I’m thinking about getting these as a gift for my GF and am curious if this integration still works well after all the v2 updates.

There were no changes from hub v1 to hub v2 that effected this integration in any way.

What changes are there with the user experience when forgoing using the PlantLink hub and enrolling their links with the ST hub instead? Don’t you loose the ability to receive notifications that a plant needs watering?

The first post on this thread would indicate this is not the case.

Anyone using Plantlink to monitor soil moisture level for their grass, not necessarily a plant? I would imagine with this integration you can leverage a virtual switch and IFTTT to water your lawn with the Rachio??

If it’s a large yard the distance would make it impractical, small yards would be possible, as long as it is well planned out with zigbee repeating devices strategicly placed to ensure a solid mesh. Plantlink sensors do not repeat zigbee.

I just started using this app a few weeks ago, it was failing to send alerts.
Anyway, poked into the logs, it would appear that the platform doesn’t properly support an input selection of device.whatevs any longer, (I noticed the same issue in an app I wrote about a month ago) The app was failing since the selected devices only contained the device ID, no other attributes were in the map, in fact the return wasn’t a map at all, just the device ID.
I changed the input to capability.waterSensor and the app works now, but WTH.
Anyone else having this issue?, otherwise this is some sort of account porkage…

Unfortunately mine returns battery level, no soil data at this time. I too am wondering what is going on.

@Mike_Maxwell and @darrylb are you both on android?

I am, I’ve also sent this issue off to our developer advocate team…

The issue seams to be limited to Android devices… I already have an open ticket for Dynamic Pages not behaving the same in the iOS client as the Android client and have been working closely with support. I know the case has already been escalated to the Android client team and I have added this example to the case.

Thanks, yeah I am on Android as well.

Can I still use/keep the PlantLink hub connected & operating as standalone while also using PL Direct Monitor?

No, zigbee devices can only be paired to one hub at a time.