Is nanoleaf compatible with smart things?

Is nanoleaf compatible with smart things?


Not sure why they are not listed on the supported devices page of the app

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Through the smart things hub as well?

Cloud to cloud

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At the present time, the only devices which can connect directly to the smart things hub use either Z wave or zigbee.

A very small number of Wi-Fi devices also have a local LAN integration which would allow them to use the local Wi-Fi/ethernet to communicate with the SmartThings hub even if the Internet was not available.

I know the Phillips hue bridge can do this. And I know they were working on one for LIFX, but I don’t know if it’s operational yet.

Someone from Currant told me they were hoping to do this as well, but I know that one hasn’t been released yet.

Other than that, I don’t know of any Wi-Fi devices that are not cloud to cloud, although there may be some.

I tried installing the official integration yesterday. Device installed, and is available through the classic app. For me, the new app cannot connect to the device and shows it offline. It also appears there is no way to activate a Nanoleaf scene through the official app.

There is a custom device handler for Nanoleaf, that I am helping to maintain. It runs via lan calls and not cloud to cloud, so security set up is a little more involved. The original author put several nice features in it for using scenes. I use it with WebCore to change scenes throughout the day.

Here’s the link to the custom handler

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