Nanoleaf Smart Ivy

Nanoleaf today released a Homekit compatible smart hub and light bulb accessories.

The great news is that the Nanoleaf bulb (which can be bought separately) is compatible with other hubs. I assume it’s using standard Zigbee because of the listed compatibility.

Since they are on pre-order, we may not know for a while if they will work with Smartthings, but I assume so.

From the site (I made the operative text bold):

"The Nanoleaf Smart Ivy is a revolutionary connected bulb that can be controlled wirelessly, merging daring design with incredible intelligence for a one-of-a-kind lighting experience. The Smart Ivy sets itself apart from all other connected bulbs today with its distinctive dodecahedron design and premium matte black finish that give life to a new breed of GQ geek. The most energy efficient smart bulb in the world, the Smart Ivy is a future-proof bulb that is compatible with other popular smart hubs - so if you’re thinking of going Smart, go Smarter with Nanoleaf.

Smart bulb that needs to be paired with a smart hub for wireless lighting control
Optimal with the Nanoleaf Smarter Kit - allows for voice control commands
Instantly set the perfect mood simply by using your voice (“Siri, set my lights for date night.”)
Compatible with other smart hubs (Phillips Hue, GE Wink, Osram Lightify)
World’s most energy efficient smart bulb
60W equivalent bulb that uses only 7W of energy
Extra long life span of 27 years – forget the hassle of frequent replacements"

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“Daring” design? “one-of-a-kind lighting experience”? That is the penultimate in incredible, unbelievable, awe inspiring, hyperbole. Take with salt. A block of it.


Has anyone been able to connect a Nanoleaf Ivy to Smarthings?