Is it worth upgrading to the new V3 hub

I’m sorry if this has been asked before but like many people I’ve seen I am really sick of my devices constantly disconnecting from my V2 hub. At least every week I have to go around the house and reset unresponsive sensors and every time it happens I lose a little more faith in my SmartThings.
The question is, are things any better now with the new V3 hub? I keep looking at it, tempted to buy, but it will be a waste of money if these problems are still there.
I’m prepared to spend ages re-doing all my automations and reconnecting everything again if it means my devices aren’t going to keep disconnecting.

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Read through the following thread to see if it answers any questions you might have. It is a clickable link.


The thread @jkp Gave you is great on details, but the short top level answer is that the problems are in the smartthings cloud. Switching to the newer hub is unlikely to change the disconnections that you are seeing. :disappointed_relieved:


or mesh issues. either way, won’t be fixed by a new hub. If you provide some more details on the make/model of the devices we can try to help troubleshoot.


If you are prepared to spend time and money, then get some repeaters to beef up your mesh. Run repairs for the Z-Wave devices, consider changing the Zigbee channel, limit the number of devices you run on the 2.4 ghz Wi-fi band.

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Similar question: I still have the 2013 v1 hub. I used SmartThings everyday and don’t really have many issues that I’ve noticed. What would be the advantage of upgrading to the newer hub? Is it worth it? And what about the nvidia shield plugin? I have a shield so would that be a good option?

I wouldn’t bother with the shield plugin. Not sure if its even sold anymore?

The newer hubs allow certain devices and automations to run locally. This somewhat lessens the dependency on an active internet connection in theory. In practice, I’ve found that local automations run faster than cloud based ones. Most of the advanced automations and custom DTH swill still run in the cloud though.

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Both the v2 and the v3 hubs do this.

Yep, he’s still on v1 so this would be one benefit to upgrading.