Lots of problems, still on v1 hub. Will upgrading fix?

So been a long time user of Smart things, bought the v1 hub as soon as it was available. Well after a while lights stop working, and I need to remove them, factory reset them, readd them, and set all the motion rules back up.

Well I’ve done that about 12 times over the last few years and it’s getting annoying.

I’m considering either upgrading to the v3 hub or getting the smartthings link for the Nvidia Shield TV.

Any idea of one of these is better than the other? Will upgrading possibly fix my issues?

Prob not, cause there are not big differences between the hubs yet, and should you decide to “upgrade” you’ll have to start from scratch, nothing migrates.
I’d focus on the devices that stop working intermittently first.

what is your light and switch hardware?

For example GE Links are too much trouble to keep going.

I am still on v1 and don’t have any problems at the moment. I don’t think upgrading will solve your problems. I have been with SmartThings since the very beginning and have seen lots of problems, mostly with cloud executions. The other issue is devices falling off the network, be it zWave or Zigbee. Some problems are due to inherent design flaws in the the devices themselves but over the years I have come to understand that many devices falling off the network may be due to ( R )adio (F)requency (I)nterference. I don’t know exactly what is causing the interference but I have noticed when I do have problems I notice there is an unusually high number of WiFi networks showing up than what I normally would see. I don’t know if it is atmospheric phenomenon or not but when I have issues it usually happens with more than one device (sensor). The issue can last for minutes and hours or up to a day or two and then everything returns to normal. I don’t know if the zWave or Zigbee protocol has a robust error correction method but if the signal is getting distorted maybe that is jamming up the works. I use to have a garage door randomly open at anytime of the day, thank goodness that hasn’t happened in awhile. Most of the issues I experience these days are smart bulbs missing signals to turn on or off.