Is it possible to play Apple Music through my Apple TV when I arrive home?

I have seen people create various “welcome home” automations here, but none that use an Apple TV or Apple Music.

My goal is to set music playing through my soundbar (currently connected to a Samsung TV) from Apple Music (which I have on my Apple TV, also connected to the Samsung TV).

So essentially the steps would be:

  1. Detect me arriving home
  2. Turn on AppleTV (which automatically turns on TV/soundbar)
  3. Launch Apple Music app
  4. Play music

Is my best bet to just get a different music service that might be more compatible with my set up? Or do I have to fork over $300 for a Home Pod? Or worse… admit defeat and come home to a silent house?

do you own any echo speakers?

I know there is the ability to play Apple Music over echo speakers using Echo Speaks and you could use a piston in webcore to program everything that you are describing except the apple tv part.

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I do something similar as a part of my wake up routine. I use Homebridge on a Mac mini 2010 to interface between ST, HomeKit and iTunes via AppleScript.
Start here:

Then add this:


If you have an older gen2/3 Apple TV you can probably use an RM broadlink or harmony hub to trigger off the ir commands… in theory…