New ST user: speakers with Alexa or Google that play Apple Music?

Hello All,

First time poster here.

I just bought a new home, a complete gut rehab. When I started looking into security systems, I got frustrated at the monthly cost. I thought to myself, surely technology has advanced enough to where I can monitor my own home. I eventually made my way to SmartThings.

The home security assets associated with ST seem very straight forward, and I have no problems with that. I plan on getting sensors for all my doors and windows. Plus a few motion sensors. I plan on adding light switches and things like that down the road as needed/wanted.

My real question is, I would like to integrate wireless speakers with Alexa or Google home on each level of my home (3 levels) that can all work together. I am an apple music subscriber and I would like to keep that subscription. Are there any options out there for me?


So you want Amazon and Google to let you play music from one of their biggest competitors on their devices, while you ignore their offerings? Ain’t gonna happen… Witness the petty removal of Google’s YouTube from Amazon’s Fire TV because Amazon wouldn’t sell Google products. So you’ll have to buy a HomePod as well!! Don’t you just love the free market lol!

So maybe I just drop apple music and go with amazon? or spotify?

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Hi lancerland,
I think Apple Music can only stream to Apple TV or Homepod. It’s because the Apple ecosystem. You should consider purchasing a Homepod. Otherwise, you need to ditch Apple Music. But there’s another way to stream apple music to google home, which requires to convert m4p to mp3.


As @jkp noted above, Amazon recently added the ability to stream Apple Music from echo devices. This was all part of the deal between the two companies where Amazon prime became available on Apple TV, and Amazon started selling Apple TV devices again.

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YouTube is back on Amazon FireTv Devices as of this month. :wink:

These company arrangements are constantly in flux, because it’s all about the total marketplace. If the consumers demand integration, eventually you often do get some. :sunglasses:

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Responses here are not entirely accurate, perhaps due to changes in availability of services since the OP. In short, Apple Music is not that gating factor, but whether the speaker manufacturer makes it available as a service to connect with directly.

I just picked up a Sonos: Play - second service down is Apple Music.

Amazon supports Apple Music on Alexa-enabled speakers as well, with Apple even posting a specific walkthrough on how to set it up:

Additionally, any speaker that supports AirPlay 2 for audio could certainly act as a receiver for any audio you have on your devices, with pretty good quality sound as well.

All that said, for straight audio quality a couple HomePods are hard to beat. It’s when you try and get outside the secure HomeKit ecosystem and use SmartThings where things rapidly go south.


You can try to stream Apple Music to Amazon Echo such Alexa devices. In this way, you will be able to upload your music to Amazon Music cloud service with ease.
Most importantly, it is totally legal as long as you are using it for personal. Hope it can help you.

According to my friends who work as a programmer, it is simple to transfer Apple Music to Amazon Music so that you can play Apple Music on Amazon Echo or other Alexa controllable devices.
And please notice that the Apple Music downloads are legal for just private use.