Dump Alexa/Echo for Siri/HomePod?

Looking for some opinions.

Right now I’m Apple with iPhone/iPad/Mac/Apple TV. My home is SmartThings + Alexa. I use Homebridge on my media server to let Alexa talk to Apple TV. Wondering if I might have a better experience with HomePod instead of Echo. I’ve done some research but I’m undecided whether to switch.


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We use both. :sunglasses:

We find that the voice recognition experience is almost always better with Alexa, and there are a few features, like being able to just say “Alexa, lights on” and having that apply to only the specific lights that we choose which is very helpful. Also, we find Alexa voice control of the television much better, because you can ask for a specific episode.

We use the HomePod mini primarily as the hub for our HomeKit system. There are a couple of voice inquiries that we ask it instead of Alexa. For example, for whatever reason, it is much better at answering the question of what the temperature is in a particular room. It’s also better at answering “what’s the low tonight?“ Alexa gives us the whole weather report, Siri just gives us the low.

So we generally look for devices which work with both HomeKit and Alexa, of which there are many these days. :tada:

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What benefits are there of using HomePod with Apple TV?

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We’ve tried it, but haven’t found any. Using a fire TV cube with Alexa to control the Apple TV plus app has been a better voice control experience. Siri is still pretty limited in what can be done with the Apple TV.

Based on that web page, there isn’t anything that can be done with HomePod that can’t be done with the Alexa Homebridge plug-in that I am currently using.” ( although the plug-in requires coding and a dedicated server).

So I will save some money and stick with Alexa for now. Thanks!

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