Going back to Classic Smartthings

So I decided to migrate over to the “NEW” and “IMPROVE” smartthing app…and I regretted.
All my devices that used to work flawlessly from classic are either disconnected or not functioning properly. Automation doesn’t seem to work since devices are disconnected or ‘features’ not supported. So, I decided to tinker around and tried to get things to work. For weeks, nothing I’ve tried seems to work. Gave up…re-install Classics, and everything’s back to normal. Anyways…the new smartthings app is garbage…very basic and shallow in terms of features…automation is ‘meh’. KEEP THE CLASSIC!!!

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I’m still on Classic app, with the thinking ‘Why fix what’s not broken?’… so I had no plans to go to the new one- but, I didn’t realize this was an actual option. I thought they were telling us when we’re migrating, and then that’s it. Is that not the case?

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Thanks- so this sounds like ‘Yes, you’re going to move to the new app whether you like it or not, but you don’t have to do it now… so chill out if you want to’. :smile:

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Pretty much