Undo migration to new app

I’ve just recently migrated to the new app (from the classic app) and quite honestly, half of the functionality is gone (I was using RBoy foscam stuff with virtual presence sensors controlled by Sharptools and tasker).

Is there any easy & simple way to “UNDO” the migration?
I’ve spent so much time in doing my setup for the classic app that rebuilding everything from scratch is simply not an option. I don’t have the patience nor the time for that. I thought the new app would be fully functional by the time I was asked to migrate, but clearly that is not the case.

Any help/guidance would be very much appreciated.

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Nope, migration a done deal! There is no going back.

Tagging @RBoy and @joshua_lyon For assistance with their apps

Ask any questions and folks here will be glad to help if they can.

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Sorry to hear that the migration didn’t go well.

What part isn’t working after the migration? The migration shouldn’t touch devices directly, so there there shouldn’t be a noticeable difference from the SharpTools Tasker plugins side of things.

The new app does have a different presentation model though, so some device handlers will need to be updated to display properly in the new SmartThings mobile app… but again, that shouldn’t impact the SharpTools integration side of things.

Firstly, thanks for the quick reply gents!

Things that aren’t working:
1 - Presence sensor from Sharptools (controlled by Tasker - using custom geofencing, since the GPS on my phone is a bit wonky). It shows as a device in the new Smartthings app, but I can’t use it as a presence sensor (to activate automations when I arrive/leave home).
2 - The foscam app allowed me to use the camera as a motion sensor. On the weekends, it would activate an automation when it would see me walk out of my bedroom. In the classic app there was a “start when things start happening” which would kick start the routine. The classic app also allowed the foscam app to take pictures (when motion was activated when the home mode was “away”. Those different functions seem non existant in the new app.

If I can provide any additional details, please don’t hesitate to let me know.


I need to un-migrate also. My two Samsung phones (Samsung Galaxy J3 Orbit and Galaxy J7 Sky Pro) say, “This app is incompatible with your device.” There has to be a way. Samsung told me to migrate and now everything is broken. SmartThings Classic says to install the new app - This location has migrated to the new SmartThings. You can no longer edit or create features from here. Help!!!

Unfortunately you will need to contact ST support. Calling is generally the fastest way to reach them if you are in a region where it is available. From what I have seen, the migration is one way and can not be reversed.

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Thanks! I have contacted support - we’ll see what they say.

Migration made a mess out of my stuff, I ended up temporaily migrating to wink, just to turn the lights on and off, buty I finally fixed everything and it is better than ever. I did it by first turning my smartthings and wink hubs off, I couldn’t get exclude to work on either platform so I bought a hubbitat hub that has working exclude, and superior hub support all the way around. So my new app migration blues were cured by migrating to a new platform. Now my smarthome works even when the internet is down. Even my automations work when the Internet is down… What a concept!! So the universal solution is to put a hubitat next to Smartthings, then keep Smartthings in “unpowered mode”. It works better than ever. I have another Smartthings hub in a sealed box, and it has never performed better!! It does everything I need it to do.