Is it possible to disable hub/webcore day light saving time?

Hi all,
Just read a local news that Ontario might pass the legislation to use day light saving time all year long, i.e. in my place the time zone would always be EDT.

Then I wondered if there’s an option to disable the hub and webcore changing back and forth between EST and EDT? It would be a mess I had to redo all my automations twice per year

Normally whatever systems are used to determine daylight savings time are precise enough to base it on the laws for your particular location. So I would expect that if the legislation does pass the system would adjust itself accordingly.

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Thanks jd, hopefully it’s the case you said, how about webcore, it’s the time based on SmartThings or has its own system?

Smartthings and WebCoRE will base their time off of whatever your local government says is the correct time.


Thanks, let’s see what happens :joy: likely no change this year

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Hopefully time change will be phased out one of these years and we will not have to deal with it. It is useless.