Hub not using DST

Our hub (v2) is not using DST. Any ideas on how I fix it?


Automations generally need to cycle through once before they sync back up.

have you logged into IDE > locations > home to see if the correct times are displayed?

Literally your hub, or are timed things in general happening an hour late?

I’d suggest that if there are any automations that will really cause inconvenience by running late for the rest of the day you should save them again so they update their timings. Otherwise just suck it up. Things should be better tomorrow.

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Others have reported issues with sunset not working correctly prior to the time change. For me (V3 hub), the lighting smartapp worked with the DST change, but the items I have set up with an automation were at the wrong time. my IDE is running ok. We’ll see if the automations move to the correct time or not.