Is it possible to delay garage overhead door sensor and garage/house man door from setting off alarm?

We use the ST as an alarm system through ST app; it is enabled/disabled passivily when activity stops/begins at fixed times. We often forget the alarm is armed when coming home late and set it off when we open the garage overhead door and also sometimes when we leave the house through the monitored man door that leads to the garage.

I was hoping there was a way to have these two sensors not trigger the alarm immediately but rather give us a two minute delay and during that time flash the garage lights which are on a smart switch.

There are probably a thousand posts in here about the lack of a delay in SHM. Join the club.

use Core

How can you do this with Core? I setup a virtual motion sensor, then set core to make it active 20 seconds after a physical motion sensor activates but it never seems to use the delay - it always changes to active as soon as the physical sensor detects motion, ignoring the 20 second wait command. How have you setup yours?

first question i have is why not use mobile prescense sensors? to disarm and arm within routines

if you do not want to use mobile presence then with core you can setup a basic rule

if home armed & door changes to open
then action 1
using garage light
wait 2 min
arm home

using action cancel if disarm virtual switch on

you will actually still get alerts but it will notify you. only way around is to setup core to arm disarm home and nit use smart home monitor