Entry delay for Intrusion alert

Recently I find there are frequent false alarms triggered when my wife drives back and opens the garage using the remote. ST is still armed because the presence sensor is not detected yet. So the opened garage door immediately triggers an intrusion alert. The presence sensor is detected the next minute.

Then I learned SHM does not support entry delay right now. Did some search here, find several ways. Daisy chain requires lots of work to setup (virtual devices, custom codes). Smart Alarm app does support entry/exit delay, but not compatible to ST’s Smart Home Monitor. The last method using CoRE is the simplest and can work together w/ SHM. CoRE is very powerful, but for normal users we just need the least things to get work done.

Inspired by @anon36505037 post, I simplify it to only use 1 virtual contact sensor. Setup SHM security to monitor this VC and exclude all doors that need entry delay. Then use SHM to trigger intrusion alert and siren.

Here is the piston for the alarm delay. I set the delay to 90sec. It will only run in armed state of SHM.

The latest verion of CoRE is here.

A very nice guide to CoRE for beginners.

FAQ on creating a virtual device.


I just don’t understand why this highly requested feature is still not part of one of their marquee products. Why are we having to do work arounds?

SHM has been out for how long?


I’ve just used ST for 2 months, but the false alarms due to no entry delay bothered me for 1 month since I setup the garage door opener. SHM should test this out before release.

Thanks for the recommendation, Robin :slight_smile:

Yes I set the siren to go off for 5min in SHM. But I haven’t wired the siren due to the false alarms. The 10min is to ensure I don’t mess up with siren.

I will try out your suggestion once the siren is connected in place.

I just test it with 10sec after VC1 open. The siren continues on even when VC1 is closed. I set the “I’m back” routine to turn off the siren. It works perfectly!

A simple way to solve all these delay issues is if Yale had a device handler that could change the Smarthings mode when it is locked. IE. If you locked the door from the outside then it would arm the alarm to Away, if you pressed the button on the inside then it would arm it to home. This would be a simple Local control solution that solved many problems and would not need to have to worry about a delay with Entry/ Exit sensor. If they added a secret silent alarm distress code too then everything would be perfect and done very simply.

I have a Fire HD tablet and LANnouncer. I would like it to play an old fashion steady tone when entering to let the user know they have activated the alarm and it needs to be unset from the tablet(action tiles) before the siren sounds. Is there anything built in to LANnouncer that would be similar to this? I was going to create a piston like you did but have another settting for LANnouncer.

I guess I could also make a continuous beep when exiting to act similar to the entry delay to mimic an actual alarm system. It looks like a custom audio files is my only option. Any thoughts?

Wondering if you had any luck with this. I’m trying to do the same thing.