Garage Tilt/Presence Sensor Reporting Delay?

I bought one of those Linear garage door open/close z-wave devices but it’s not compatible with my Craftsman opener without a bunch of weird soldering I haven’t gotten to yet, but I did still decide to attach the tilt sensor to my door.

Here’s the problem - When I manually open the door with my regular opener in my car, my ST hub hasn’t set my presence to home yet and I get an intrusion alert. I realize I can just turn this sensor off, but I’d actually still like to get a notification if my garage door opens and I am NOT at home of course.

Is there some sort of way to put a delay on the Linear garage door tilt sensor, even 10-30 seconds, before it throws up the alert, to give my hub time to sense my presence?

The sensor seems to work great and detect the garage is open IMMEDIATELY – The problem is that the hub hasn’t seen that I am home yet.

I suggest using CoRE instead of SHM.

It’s pretty common knowledge now that the problem isn’t a delay in your intrusion sensors, but rather that SHM doesn’t haven the basic entry/exit delays that 99% of alarm systems built in the last half-century have.

SHM will surely be fixed eventually.

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I hear there is an engineer working on it night and day… And it will be in the next update!

Thanks guys, I didn’t even know CoRE existed. I have a lot to learn as it looks like a bit of a learning curve but way more configurable.

So the idea is to basically turn off SHM and use CoRE for all that functionality for arrive/depart, motion events, etc?

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