SHM Delay - Motion Sensors

I am wanting to delay a motion sensor using the SHM Delay SmartApp. I am not seeing how I can do this. I have successfully used SHM Delay to delay contact sensors. Can someone please explain how to do this?

It’s in your delay profile. It’s the 4th or 5th option down. See screenshot below.

I do not believe this will work for what I am trying to achieve. I have a motion sensor in my garage. When I open the garage door, this triggers the garage motion sensor, which then sets off the alarm. I need the garage motion sensor to wait until the garage door state is open. This takes about 5 seconds for the garage door to show open. I have set it up so that the alarm is set to off when the garage door is open. Is there a way to simply delay the garage motion sensor 5 seconds before it triggers the alarm?

What you have suggested would require the garage door to trigger the delay of the motion sensor, but the motion sensor would have already gone off by then.

Have you tried it? If I remember the docs correctly this option is designed for areas when the motion sensor is being triggered by a door opening. I would think yours is an edge use case though so it may not work as Arn intended on a garage door. There is another option in global settings called “true entry delay” that might help as a last resort. I haven’t had to use the the true entry delay option so you might want to read the documentation of SHM delay for help with this option.

If neither of these work, I would ask this question in the SHM Delay 2.0 thread. Arn, the author, is extremely diligent about helping everyone that has issues with SHM delay. I’d grab the link for you but I’m on my mobile at a campsite. :smiley:

As a final option if SHM delay built in options don’t work. You could use a virtual motion sensor (I’m pretty sure they exist in the device list of the IDE). Using something like WebCORE, you create a piston, when your motion sensor goes active, wait 10 seconds then activate the virtual motion sensor. When the real motion sensor goes inactive, the virtual motion server goes inactive. Then use the virtual motion sensor in your SHM activities.

@oldcomputerwiz is correct, add the motion sensor to the delay profile. Then on page 2 of the profile set “When arming in away mode optional motion sensor delay time…”
Allows value from 0 to 10. With the door needing 5 seconds to register open, plus possible cloud delays, 10 seconds should be safe.