Is it possible for a Zigbee device to pair with the hub, but never fully complete the pairing process?

Hi, the Chinese HA avenger coming back at you.

Was hoping to at least get these devices to be recognized as a “thing”, but out of the last 12 hours of tinkering, I’ve only been able to make it pair successfully twice.

So, moving on then, here’s the question. I still don’t ever get a “Thing” to show up while “Looking for Things”, but what I do get is this interesting bit in the logs:

read attr - raw: 23E00200120A5500210000, dni: 23E0, endpoint: 02, cluster: 0012, size: 0A, attrId: 0055, encoding: 21, value: 0000

That’s the device, with network address 23E0! And if I create a device in the IDE, and assign it to that address, I can read data!

So, question to you gurus, what could be happening during the pairing process that would prevent ST from recognizing a “thing” but still letting it connect?

Many, many things.

The two most common would probably be that it’s not using the same zigbee profile as the coordinator or that it’s expecting a secure key to be exchanged and that’s not happening.

It’s quite common for example, for security sensors to expect a key exchange which is what prevents them from being added to a different system.

Good info as always @JDRoberts

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Some devices also require a final configuration step and if you don’t know what that is and you don’t complete it the device will remain “Known” to the network but not messageable.

What’s the brand and model of the device you’re working with?

Xiaomi. I should’ve guessed. I hate those guys. :rage:

See the following:

They self identify as zigbee home automation, but they don’t appear to be certified and they don’t operate to the standard.

Damn, I saw that thread but I guess I missed the part where he talked about pairing.

Thanks man. It sucks b/c I did get it to pair twice. I just can’t do it consistently.

Oh well, I guess I’ll move forward with the custom device type and SmartApp. I mean, its a cube acting as a remote control, how cool is that?

SmartThings community did it first. :wink: Lots of people doing variations on this one, and it works reliably. It just costs more.