iOS 2.1.0 - Release Notes - Commentary

Apparently those release notes are not complete :frowning:

After the update none of my generic multiTiles no longer display their SECONDARY_CONTROL - is this by design or a new bug (the docs still state that there is a secondary control available for generic multiTiles)?

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I really do like the new layout…on the right is all of your “infrastructure” items such as hub, smartapps, connecting new things and notifications. The main tabs on the bottom are just focused on your home. I still would have liked to see TouchID support and smaller routine buttons. Overall, the look and feel seems like an improvement. Let’s hope it’s stable.

What does this mean.

The bottom navigation you see within My Home (Dashboard, My Home, Routines, Marketplace) is also now available when on the Dashboard or in a solution module like Smart Home Monitor.

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ST will make me a custom hamburger now? AWESOME.


BMW integration still not there?

This means if you drill into a Device Detail or a room, the tab bar stays on the bottom and allows you to quickly move around the app.

Sorry about that, the docs are correct. There was a layout bug in this build that made it’s way past us. We have fixed the issue and submitted an updated app to Apple today with this bug fix and a few more.

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The app is crashing every time I try to add a SmartApp. Literally, every time I hit Done to install an app, mobile app goes TU.


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maybe not update yet eh?

What SmartApp are you trying to install that it’s crashing for you?

Thanks for letting me know that it is not something I did wrong on my device types - I was about ready to start debugging things…

A Rule Machine rule.

After 3 attempts, I got the green “now automating” banner, then it crashed. But by then the rule had been installed.

I’m in the middle of migrating 160 devices and about 95 SmartApps to V2. Gonna be very painful!!

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Looks to me like you need more testers in order to expand the parameter space. Have you guys considered TestFlight for external beta testing on iOS (don’t know what’s available on Android)? I believe that there would be plenty of people willing to test beta releases and giving feedback (I would be one of them for sure).

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Other random things are making it crash also. Adding a new device is one. Not clear, but it’s crashing every few minutes from one thing or another.

Nice release — NOT

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What happened to keeping release notes in one place and comments in another thread? I should be able to subscribe to one thread to receive update notifications without having to hear all the chatter. Like the way Plex does release notes.

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Are you sure your on iOS 2.1.0? I am not seeing the crashes your mentioning so I want to rule out some possible issues first.

We are back at exploring the external beta program like you mentioned. We used to have one but it wasn’t through TestFlight. TestFlight has a limited number of users we can invite and we are currently using HockeyApp for the distribution.

Yes, it updated while I was in the middle of the migration. It’s the new version.

I rebooted the iPhone and now it’s not crashing as before.

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