iOS BackGround Colors & Labels broken

There appears something has caused the temperature background colors in ALL smartthings devices to become grey. I suspect this is related to a fix put in late Friday, as referenced here (follow the thread for some details):

several issues were possibly caused by this update (note: I know these exist on iOS – have not checked Android):

  • standardTile background colors ALL go to grey when using numbered values (as for a temperature device)
  • Humidity icon in thermostat multiAttributeTIle is now the SmartThings icon, instead of the small+large water droplet
  • Labels are being displayed in standardTiles when no label is defined (apparently displaying
  • Blank icons (or at least the space for an icon) is being displayed when no icon has been specified, forcing text to display higher/lower than it should appear in a tile
  • Because of some combination of the above, if you have a temperature device set as the default device for a room, the background will be grey instead of the color associated with the temperature

Hopefully someone can fix this sooner rather than later, since it has changed the UI (for the worse) across the entire portfolio of DTHs…

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Yup, being discussed here:

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Have you sent this nice overview of the problems to support?

What a mess. How does something like this, that breaks the interface for so many devices, get through QC/testing before deploying it??

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Agreed. This is so widespread it is hard to see how it could have been missed in internal testing.

Hope they get a fix released soon. The iOS interface looks dreadful, and as above, colours have gone from temp/lux tiles.

Also, I now have to long press my sensor icons on the dashboard to have them open the detail screen; before, a quick press would open my sensor details.

Thanks for all the feedback. This is one of the threads I used to help track down and fix these issues over the weekend. You can read more about it here: Recent Tile Bugs (2.14.0)

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Thanks guys. Dashboard display and behaviour back to normal (all apart from the black blob at top left of a tile where I’m being alerted to low battery). This black blob has been there for a few weeks now; I’m sure it used to be red with an exclamation mark.

I am not seeing any change in the broken UI rendering.

Does it take a while for this “production deploy” to propagate out to all end users, or is there something I can do to make it happen sooner?

Something has happened as it’s broken again.

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Very much broken. This includes native DHT’s as well as 3rd party.

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Should be fixed… again

Yup, all good on my side… again.