Is ecobees API off line?, or just me

(Mike Maxwell) #1

Woke up this AM, no heat. Errors in the IDE. Ecobee mobile app: no beueno, logged into, dun busted…

(Darryl) #2

Which ecobee app? The unofficial? Or the SmartThings Labs?

(Mike Maxwell) #3

ecobee’s API proper, meaning ecobees native phone app and their online web management interface as well.
The ST integrations talk to ecobees cloud to manage the thermostat.
ST isn’t broken, ecobee appears to be.

(Jody) #4

Looks like they are doing maintenance. There is a notice on the login page.

(Mike Maxwell) #5

Saw that, LOL, appears to be the default page for s**t’s broken…
Who does “planned” maintenance during peak times?

(Jody) #6

They might be rolling out their new API it was supposed to hit at the end of the month. Who knows. I am signed up for their emails and I have not received any advanced notice of an outage.

(Patrick Stuart [@pstuart]) #7

Emergency scheduled maintenance is my favorite term for the internet’s version of “I meant to do that”.

(Yves Racine) #8

Hi @Mike_Maxwell, according to my events history, there has been a brief outage at around 10h30 AM UTC or 5h30 AM EST, but my Ecobee device recovered right away…

(Ron S) #9

yes, mine went down too. I panicked and drove 30 miles home from work this morning to check what’s going on. :frowning: I am very panicky and get very anxious. Internet was up with signal more than 92% and connected. The iPhone and iPad said “cannot connect blah…blah… and check your internet connectivity…”. It appears to be working now.