Ecobee Cloud is Down


(Barry) #1

All three of my Ecobee locations lost their API connections at about 6:40AM, and logins from the App, on the Web and thermostat connections are all failing.

Note one their login site now says they are working on the problem. But anyone using Ecobee’s will likely have to re-authorize their SmartThings integration once Ecobee gets their environment back on-line.

(Ricci Hoffer) #2

Looks to be back up.

(Not Dexter) #3

No problems with mine currently. Home IQ shows a reporting gap between 5:15 and 6:20 AM EDT. Didn’t have to reauthorize anything with ST.

(Barry) #4

Yup, all good…reauthorize not required on any of my locations…

(Jeff DeWolfe) #5

They must have been having issues for the past few weeks as I have been getting alerts on and off. By the time I check it, it is usually working again.

(Darryl) #6

Same here… all support @ smartthings could tell me was to simply remove the device type and reauth it.

I was tempted to ask everyone if they have been having issues. Glad to hear someone else has been.

(Barry) #7

My latest Ecobee DTH recovered without intervention once the Ecobee cloud came back online. I’m not sure if any of the other DTHs automatically recovered…

If you’re interested, mine is here: [RELEASE] The Best FREE Ecobee DTH and Helper SmartApps - Now with GitHub Integration!

(Darryl) #8

I am using StrykerSKS’s.

I don’t think it has to do with the DTH, as I think its disconnects between ecobee and SmartThings. Unless you somehow handle DTH differently than StrykerSKS…it should be similar/same experience.

Usually when the error occurs, I just re-auth, but I am wondering if it really need too. Its just irritating when it disconnects in the night, and my phone beeps at me.

(Barry) #9

I intentionally did not muck with StrykerSKS recovery logic - I didn’t want to break it :smile:


(Jeff DeWolfe) #10

Mine has gone down a few times since the last post. Seems to always recover though using StrkyerSKS’s device type.