Thermostat API Maintenance

Hi Everyone,
Just a heads up on a couple potential upcoming maintenance items:

  • ecobee - The ecobee team will be performing server maintenance on Thursday October 20th. API availability - including control from the SmartThings app - will be impacted from 5 AM EDT to 8 AM EDT.

  • Honeywell - The Honeywell team will be performing maintenance on Wednesday October 19th and Tuesday October 25th. There should be limited or no downtime for API availability during the maintenance periods.

Please note, local control for the thermostats will continue functioning during the maintenance periods.



Oooow … nice, LOL :wink:

Can someone tell me when the Honeywell thermostat wss added to the officially supported device types? I have one, but am using a community device handler. I’m also using Ask Alexa, which reports my thermostat battery is reporting a null state. I’m wondering if i should switch to the official handler.

It’s been quite a few months - 4+ at least I think.