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Vizia Scene Controller LED indicator question

(Brian Smith) #1

I was looking at the Vizia RF VRCS4-M0Z and, in particular, this picture:

That got me wondering… If I were to change mode via a method other than using the switch, could I get the indicator light to show the correct mode? Is there a way for the ST hub to tell it to indicate the current mode?

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(Florian Z) #2

I don’t own this device, so take this with a grain of salt @brianlees: One potential way to get this work would be to write a very simple SmartApp, which listens to mode changes (those generate an event) and then puts the device into the right state by activating the corresponding button. Does that make sense?

As an added bonus, you could use this same SmartApp to map functionality to the buttons by implementing the ‘button pressed’ handlers. That way the logic won’t be separated, and you will only have to look in one place, if you wish to re-map one of the buttons.

(Brian Smith) #3

Are these devices supported? I don’t see anything in the device list that appears to match them. In fact, I don’t see any multi-button controllers listed unless I’m being blind.

(Florian Z) #4

That I don’t know. Some button controllers are supported, like the Aeotec Minimote. Did you search the discussion boards? I remember someone talking about this Leviton device not too long ago.

(Florian Z) #5

There is some info in this thread. Maybe ask there?