Is anyone using Monoprice Z-Wave devices?

OK, as you’ll see above, I’m having trouble redefining my mono price motion sensors to the customized posted one above.

Is there a step by step process somewhere in the documentation? Because I can’t find it.

Here’s what I did:

Got this code

went to the IDE.

Edited my appropriate device by copying the entire linked code above, replacing the starter code in the field.

Saved it. Published it.It appears in my list of device types.

No effect.

Restarted the iPhone app.

No effect.

Well, there sort of has been an effect. The kitchen sensor stopped working, but I’m unclear about the timing. I’m switching it back now to the “stock” Aeon Motion choice.

I’m about to reboot my ST hub and see if that makes a difference.

In other news, I thought readers would like to know that it appears the Monoprice motion sensors have a wider field of view than the ST Motion sensor. My estimate is that the ST version has about 78° of view, and the Monoprice is more like 89°, making it a great choice for putting in a corner to cover a room.

@differentcomouters - did you remember to check the motion and temperature capabilities on the info page? You need to do that or it won’t work.

@DifferentComputers, you’re using the wrong custom device type. That one is for the Monoprice Door/Window sensor. Use this one instead:

Hmmm, weird. I was pretty sure I had the right one. Plus it showed a motion sensor graphic and detected motion. But I’ll try it!

Update: so far, no change after changing the device type. Still °F

@DifferentComputers, if it’s showing °F then it sounds like it’s working.

But if you meant to say, “Still °C,” instead and it’s actually still using the Aeon device type, make sure you do the following after creating the device type:

  1. Go the the Device List
  2. Click on your Monoprice motion sensor
  3. Click the Edit button
  4. Update the name and label if necessary
  5. Use the combobox for the Type field to select the new device type
  6. Click Update

Thanks all.

I have NO idea what I did differently the 2nd time around, but this morning, they’re reading in F°.

OK, I’m wrong. ONE monoprice sensor reports in F°, but the other, even after changing the device type in the IDE and restarting the iOS app, still reports C°. WTF?

Does rebooting the hub maybe have anything to do with it? Because I’ve rebooted before the latest device redefinition, but not since.

When I updated my sensor’s device type, I didn’t have to reboot the hub. I didn’t have to kill the app, but it might have crashed on its own. Originally I was using the wrong device type that you linked to in your earlier step-by-step post, so the device type was set to the Florian’s Monoprice door/window sensor. But after I grabbed the right code and edited and published the device type, it started working. I might have changed it to the Aeon device type then back to the Monoprice device type, but I don’t remember for sure.

Assuming both sensors are the Monoprice motion sensor w/temp, you could first try setting it back to the Aeon device type, then back to the Monoprice device type. If that doesn’t work, I would try unpairing the misbehaving device. If you have any extraneous device types that don’t work or that you don’t use, delete them. Then pair the sensor again and set it to the already-created custom device type in the IDE.

You have to wait for the temperature to change for it to report a new temperature in *F.

Thanks for the tip @Impliciter, but I tested and it wasn’t the lack of a change in temp.

I once again switched it from monoprice to Aeon and back to monoprice, but I’m still not seeing F°. Weird.

And weirder still, after rebooting the iOS app, at first it didn’t read in F°, but after about 2 minutes, suddenly it appeared as F.

Thanks everyone for your help!

Hey all we’ve been in contact with Monoprice who is super awesome to work with.

They are going to send us some devices and the documentation for them so we can get everything where it needs to be.

@urman that’s great! I was wondering if anyone from SmartThings was following the progress here.

Does this mean you’ll be adding Monoprice devices to the compatibility list spreadsheet? It would be nice if the document could be updated at least once a month or so, and if it included devices which are simply rebadged versions of devices that are already on the list.

@intelligen yup! once we get hands on with their devices and docs, I see no reason why they won’t become officially compatible.

@urman What’s the status on official compatibility? I just added a motion sensor and it came up as an Aeon still. I looked in the IDE and I didn’t see Monoprice in the list when editing the device - of course, I figured that would be the case since it came up as an Aeon sensor.

Also, the Monoprice door/window sensors came up as generic Zwave sensors. I changed them over to zwave door/window via the IDE. However, it is not really convenient for a novice user to do that. Is there any reason why the different devices can’t be recognized automatically now? Here’s where I see it a problem. When I added the door sensors, the app said that there were no popular actions & alerts available at this time. That is a pretty confusing issue to the general public. I even took screenshots of it thinking it was a bug that I needed to report. Then I came on to the community, searched for Monoprice, read a bunch of threads, and found out what to do. Again, too confusing and complex when it could just be recognized right off the bat as a Monoprice sensor.

As I was packing up to move I got their motion sensor, but haven’t had a chance to dive in yet. We are waiting on their other devices as well. They were on back order for a long time.

If it works as Z-Wave Door/Window then it should be a pretty small fix for us.

@urman I just received two door sensors and a motion. Do you want me to ship you one of the door sensors? I would be happy to help! BTW, they are both VERY chatty in the activity log.

I like @florianz suggestion here. Is it possible to have a single device type that dynamically displays what it needs to display? It does seem like it would simplify matters. Of course, I’m not a coder here, so I don’t know the ramifications of this.

I have a couple Monoprice motions. They used to show temp but they both quit showing the temp a few android smartthings app upgrades ago. Anyone experiencing this?

@mcvoss I have 1 that i’ve had for over a month and two more that I just added this week. They are all working as expected. What device type are you using?

It is set as an Aeon Multisensor. Do I need to change that?

Thanks for the response