Is anyone using Monoprice Z-Wave devices?

@urman I just received two door sensors and a motion. Do you want me to ship you one of the door sensors? I would be happy to help! BTW, they are both VERY chatty in the activity log.

I like @florianz suggestion here. Is it possible to have a single device type that dynamically displays what it needs to display? It does seem like it would simplify matters. Of course, I’m not a coder here, so I don’t know the ramifications of this.

I have a couple Monoprice motions. They used to show temp but they both quit showing the temp a few android smartthings app upgrades ago. Anyone experiencing this?

@mcvoss I have 1 that i’ve had for over a month and two more that I just added this week. They are all working as expected. What device type are you using?

It is set as an Aeon Multisensor. Do I need to change that?

Thanks for the response

You will need to create a device type for it.

You can see more info at this thread

I have never gotten the motion sensors to show temperature/battery …
The motion sensors also take a long time to reset to the “No motion” state after motion is detected … unlike @brianlees

The device type does not report battery.

For me the motion takes about 3 to 5 minutes after motion stops to report inactive.

@mattjfrank Same here, the 5 minute wait is too long though :frowning:

So I am thoroughly enjoying my Monoprice door/window and motion/temperature sensors. I have also purchased a Monoprice door lock!

The only catch - the battery indicator doesn’t show up =(. It only shows “–.” Any ideas on how to get this to work? It is currently set to “Z-Wave Lock.” Unfortunately I don’t have the Groovy programming know-how (yet) to write the device handlers that florianz did for the door/window and motion detectors. Thoughts?

(And yes as far as locking/unlocking, showing locked status, responding to commands everything else on the lock works like a charm.)

I am still attempting to get the battery indicator to show up properly on the Monoprice door lock that I have purchased. Everything is working on it using yracine’s door lock code except for the battery, which displays “–.” Is there a simple fix to get the battery indicator working properly? I still don’t understand Groovy well enough to identify and correct the bug. Ironically I would think polling the battery report would be one of the easiest things to do!





Is anyone using the dry contacts on the Monoprice Door/Window Sensor?

I have pre-existing magnetic sensor in the doors that I am trying to re-purpose. I have the Sensor paired properly, and metering the wires shows that the switch it working in the door frame, but the Sensor always reads open.

Using the magnet makes the sensor work properly.

I have read that the dry contacts send out the same alert as opening the case, which is different than the magnetic sensor input. Would it be possible to re-write the device type to ready both?

I am using the dry contacts but, using them with a custom device type and smart app along with a pressure mat on my steps. So when there is pressure the sensor is “closed”

@mattjfrank Can you let me how you did that ? That is interesting.

I used the information posted

and made

@urman it’s been awhile since this statement, will these be officially supported with device types written and vetted by ST?


anybody got the Z-Wave Curtain Module working ??

I’d love to hear about the curtain modules, as well.

I was able to get the curtain working. It took sending some raw config parameters to set up the active time. I’ll try to get a device type written within two weeks.

Does anyone know if the Monoprice Z-wave Plugin On/Off plugs work with SmartThings? They look very similar to GE’s, but I’m unsure. I’ve never used Monoprice before, but these look great! Plus, I’m just getting started with HA.