IRIS 3210-L2 Pairing Trouble

I am unable to pair an IRIS plug 3210-L2 to SmartThings. I have tried hitting the button 3 times and it will pair, but it will not pair as an outlet. I have changed the type to smart power outlet and it doesn’t work at all. Any thoughts?

Several people have had the same issue check out this thread.

In my case I had an old DTH that I wasn’t even using. .After I deleted it the plugs would pair.

My advice remove any custom DTHs you have for smartplugs. Then pair using the stock DTH . At that point if you wish to add the other DTH back it should be ok.

I have read that thread a million times and one person claims this works and the next says this works. I haven’t had any luck. I have a DTH for an inovelli plug on there. And a few for switches. Are you thinking I should remove all to make it work? I’m not sure the trade off is worth it?

I just recently remove the three I have and re-added them to SmartThings…everything paired correctly. Quadruple tap the button to get the repeater to pair, and it loads a repeater device type automatically.
I think there is a firmware upgrade for these, 20015010, check on the ide…

I can get the repeater to pair. But the outlet will not? Am I needing another step to get the outlet to work?

Does the SmartThings app kind of lock up when including it, where you need to kill the app? If so, it was added but didn’t load a device type. go to the ide and set the device type to “smart power outlet”. Then update the firmware.

When I included mine I did them one foot from the hub.

What device type was added for the repeater?

It sounds like the same issue I had. I would hold the button as you plug it in and the LED will start to blink slowly, which indicates the device is in pairing mode. I then would start the paring process in ST and almost as soon as I did the plug LED would blink quickly for a couple of seconds and stop. This indicates it paired but it never shows up in the device list. Also a couple of times the Z-wave repeater portion would pair but I could not get the Zigbee side to pair. Which of coarse basically made it useless.

As far as removing the other DTH it wouldn’t hurt. As I said I was initially using the DTH by Shackrat. I read that some people had success by removing the DTH and then pairing using the stock DTH. I removed shackrat’s DTH and still had the issue. Then @Brad_ST from ST support reached out and asked me to removed a line from the other DTH I had in my library. It was one I didn’t even remember loading. After I removed the line it paired almost immediately. I then paired the other two I had and then deleted the other DTH. I am now only using the stock DTH. I understand your frustration as it took me a couple of weeks to get this sorted out. I had emailed and called support and they basically just gave me canned responses about how to pair the device. It wasn’t until Brad stepped in that I got results. Send a PM to Brad, he said they were trying to track down what was causing this so maybe it will give him some more info to isolate the issue…

Don’t hold the button while plugging in… plug it in and go to SmartThings add start the add device thing, and then push the button once and it should pair.
As far as pairing the repeater, it seems to matter what firmware you are running rapid press 3 to 8 times should do it…

That is not the proper procedure but it probably will work. If he had the issue I had it won’t matter how he does it, the device is not going to pair until he fixes the DTH issue.

So remove the DTH for the other items? Or what? I have never paired one before. They are from an iris user and we are trying to pair them to smartthings before they jump into the smartthings world.

That is what work for the three I have… just saying. Perhaps it maters what firmware you are running. I’m running the current SmartThings version…

Maybe I should try the new app instead of the old app as well?

That is what support told me to do but it didn’t work. I hope you have better luck with it than I did. When I loaded the new app it moved all my devices into one room. This effected both apps. So I had to move them all back manually. Good news, is it is easier to do in the new app.

It also created about 50 devices that didn’t actually exist and called most of them contact1 and a few motion1. I could not delete them in the app. Brad_ST fixed that as well.