Wrong Device Type identifed for SmartThings 2015 outlets?

(Baivab) #1

I have 4 SmartThings power outlets. They connect fine. However, under graph-api and device listing they are having device type as Iris Smart Plug. I remember they used to be listed before under more like Samsung or SmartThings xxxx name. This happened after I had to reset my hub and effectively forced to re-attach everything.

Is this fine or it’ll be better if I switch to an alternative device type - if so what it should be?


Using the Iris Smart Plug DTH will force it to run in the cloud. Using the Smartthings DTH will allow it to run local.

(Jimmy) #3

You should switch it to the smartsense power outlet device type. I’m guessing you have a community iris device handler installed and the fingerprints in it are also picking up the SmartThings outlets.

(Baivab) #4

Thank you! Under Device type - I don’t see SmartSense Power Outlet but see SmartPower Outlet and SmartPower Outlet V1. Which one I should use please?

(Jimmy) #5

ah, that’s it. try “SmartPower Outlet” first.


As @prjct92eh2, use what he said. The V1 doesn’t have power monitoring in it. I was just looking at that DTH last night.

(Baivab) #7

Thanks. All working now.