Iris Smart Button toggles switch - how to stop?

I have an Iris Smart Button that when pressed turns on a switch (Iris Smart Plug). However I noticed that if the smart button is pressed again, it will turn the switch off. Is there an easy way to turn this toggle behavior off? I only want the switch to activate the switch but not turn it off…I’m using the SmartThings Button Controller SmartApp.


Have you read this thread?
You may find a solution here or it’s at least a better place for your question.
What do you have set up to do when pushing the button currently?
Does what ever it do turn off some other way?

Thanks for the link, I’ll take a look!

I think I’ve read almost all the threads related to this device. My button will turn on a device that I don’t want turned off because it’s on ST rule that turns it off automatically after a few minutes. The intended user is elderly/impatient so I was concerned that multiple presses would simply toggle on/off the device–which is what I noticed.

Oddly, I had set this device up and was using it successfully for a few days. Then I noticed the battery was reporting 111% so I decided to remove and repair the button. When I did that is when I noticed this toggle behavior.

I think I found my issue though–When I initially set the button up, I set the time-out between button and press to 10 seconds. However, when I re-paired the button I didn’t bother to change that from the default. I think changing that setting to 10 for the most part solved my issue.

I love the platform but sometimes the customizability can get overwhelming if you just want to set something simple up… I don’t know how many times I read and re-read the threads (with your replies in there) to figure out how to get this button re-paired. I think your reply to someone actually did the trick for me and solved a lot of frustration…


That thing is the biggest pain in the butt. It either works or it doesn’t.

Totally agree…It was an incredible PITA to get it set up but once I did, it seemed to work very reliably–after the first hour of intermittent behavior. Now my Smart Plug is in a really funky state where it says “Turning On” but won’t ever turn on…Argh… I’m not a programmer but I wish there were better self-check/correction or consistent state checking going on with these devices to make them more reliable…

If you want to only turn on the switch - don’t use the button controller app, use the Smart Lighting app, there you select that you want the plug to turn on when the button is pushed and there will be a switch that says “Toggle on & off” - disable this switch and you should get exactly the behavior you wanted.

That’s so simple and brilliant, thank you! I just set it up!