How to change mode from a physical button?


In smart lightning automation the only options I see is to turn on and off lights.

From a physical button, how do I change mode?

Thanks in advance!

In the ST App, go into the Marketplace and under SmartApps -> Lights and Switches look for Switch Changes Mode

Cool, thanks! Now the app options or switch on and switch off. How does this work with a push button/toggle button like the new iris smart button. Which is on and which is off?

How about the Minimote? Especially considering that there appears to be a bug in smart lightning handling toggle state in which it often thinks first press Is on even when first press should be off.

For the minimote, there is another app called button controller which should work well.

I’m not familiar with the iris button, but it would depend on what kind of device it mimics. If it acts like other button devices, it may only send a ‘button pressed’ event in which case a smart app would have to save a status and toggle it back and forth

Hopefully someone with one of them can chime in and give you some info on that. It may help to look in the device’s event logs to see what type of event is it creating. Is it creating a ‘button pressed’ or maybe something like a switch on event

If I use button controller maybe I can set button press to do one mode and button long press to a different mode?

If the device supports both then yes. I have a key fob that doesn’t support long presses, so I don’t have that ability. I believe the minimote does support long press

Thanks everyone for their suggestions. I am away from the house, but when I am back I will try some different scenarios and smart apps!

Thanks again

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Please share your results @professordave !

Didn’t realize Iris released this product. I could use a couple and at $15 its easy to justify! Priority is to put one under the nightstand to trigger a mode if something goes bump in the night (I have SHM with motion/contact sensors but still want sometime to trigger all my lights on command at a moments notice).
Dimensions: 1.89″(W)x1.89″(D)x1″(H)

Hello @professordave - Were you able to get the Iris button to change mode? Looking to see if the device supports it before I purchase.