Iris Orbit Zigbee Sprinkler System with SmartThings?

Lowe’s still has the manual on their site - I just found it:

The detailed user manual the Lowe’s manual refers to is here:

  • The 12 channels are probably 1 per sprinkler, I agree.
  • The thermostat is likely a Zigbee thermostat - I’m wondering if this is just built into almost every Zigbee sensor? :slight_smile:
  • The “battery” might refer to either a CR2032 backup battery or might refer to if power to the unit is turned on or off (the switch)

It is not.

In this case, I believe they have used the thermostat cluster as a dummy to handle the timer function. It’s not the only way to do that, but some manufacturers do.

@Mariano_Colmenarejo this device is Mains Powered, but has a backup battery so that the timer programs will be retained in memory if there is a power outage.

This is an automatic irrigation system with 12 individually programmable sprinkler zones. :sweat_drops::sweat_drops::sweat_drops:

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and how did you use it until now? were you using a custom dth or the iris app referred to in the manual?

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I haven’t been able to use the sprinkler since I moved from Iris to Smart Things several years ago. Seeing the new Edge Drivers and active community here, and discovering the Edge driver for for my Z-wave Dome siren led me here, so I figured I would ask about the sprinkler controller.

The only other odd thing I think I have buried away are some Centralite keypads, but I never really found a use for them post Iris, so I haven’t even looked into them.

All my other stuff is “normal” Iris and Samsung branded stuff - water sensors, smoke alarms, door sensors, motion sensors, outlets, etc.

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As far as I can tell, although there used to be a Groovy smartapp and DTH for the iris sprinkler system, no one in this community was ever able to figure out how to use the thermostat cluster. :thinking:

Instead, it was just used as a switch, and they put the programming logic on the smartthings side to turn it on and off as desired.

One more quirk that users need to be aware of is that there is a built-in 10 minute limit when the device is used in this way, so it will always turn itself off again after 10 minutes. As far as I can, tell, the purpose of the old smart app was just to let people build schedules that would program multiple 10 minute intervals, so the user could ask for 30 minutes and the smart app would issue the first on command, then a second one after 10 minutes, and then a third one after 20 minutes. Just to make the UI easier.

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Hi @Guidry

I have created this TEST driver for you to test your Orbit multivalve.

On Installation, this driver will create 12 independent devices, one for each valve named “Orbit Water Valve 1” to “Orbit Water Valve 12”.

The profile is that of water-valve, although I don’t know if to manage it with routines it would be better to put a Switch profile on it, since that would add the option of automatic shutdown after x time to the routines.
This profile switch would also add the generic timers in detail view and standard switch quick routines.
I leave it to your choice if I change it to that profile. This change would require you to uninstall the device and reinstall it for all 12 devices to be created with that profile.

 Name         Zigbee Valve Mc-TEST
 Version      2023-08-27T10:16:02.279314018        
- id: "Orbit/WT15ZB-12"
    deviceLabel: Orbit Water Valve 1
    manufacturer: Orbit
    model: WT15ZB-12
    deviceProfileName: water-valve
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Hi @Guidry

I’m going to delete the TEST driver