Orbit 12 Station Wireless Smart Sprinkler Timer?

This thread is about the Orbit 12 Station Wireless Smart Sprinkler Timer (with Easy-Set Logic) that ‘works with Iris’ at Lowe’s.

Continuing the discussion from Orbit Sprinkler Timer (Iris):

Is there any way of connecting the Orbit Iris 12 Station Wireless Smart Sprinkler Timer to and using it with SmartThings (even if there are more steps or if there is more hardware involved)?

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I am wondering the same thing. I picked one up on clearance at Lowe’s for under $40. It is an Orbit 12 Station Wireless Smart and the model # is 27396. Hopefully someone out there has tinkered with it.

Yes i know the thread is 2 years old. I just removed my Orbit 12 Zone from my Iris platform and was able to connect it to ST. Substantial work by the community as of late. Apparently v2 ST hub updates helped. I witnessed the clock get set on the Orbit as it paired with ST. Then using a device handler from “imnotbob” it looks like at least one (1) zone is working.

Truth be told, it probably needs a SmartApp to be full functionality and full feature parity with what it would do in Iris (individual schedules and durations per zone and up to three (3) different cycles (A|B|C). Great work by eric (imnotbob). Close but not completely solved yet.

Apologies if i’ve not found the full 12 zone solution in here yet.

Were you able to get more than 1 zone working? I just moved over from IRIS and got all my devices working, except my Orbit 12 Station. I’m just learning about the device handlers so a lot of this is foreign to me.