Help! All my motion sensor randomly stopped working a week ago

I can’t figure this one out…

I have been using a hub (v2) with several motion sensors. A mix of Iris motion sensors and Xiaomi Motion sensors. They have all been working fine for several months. Then, last week…about the time of the Hub firmware update, they all stopped working. They now show “OFFLINE” and I cannot get them to re-pair with the hub.

The Iris ones show as “Local” for “Execution Location” and the Xiaomi ones show as “Cloud”.

I have tried “repairing” the network…still nothing.

As a last resort, I was going to try a factory reset on the hub, but Id rather not have to set everything back up again.

Anyone else have this issue? I DO have other Iris Smart Plugs and Dimmer Switched that are still paired and working fine…its ONLY the motion sensors that will not connect.

These are Zigbee sensors and the way to repair the network is to unplug the hub for at least 15 minutes and they will reassociate once it’s back online. Have you tried that?

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Yes, I unplugged the hub and left it overnight…nothing.

I would recommend contacting support before resetting your hub.