Iris Motion sensors are

Fantastic! I wish I would have made this switch a few years ago. They are lightning fast at turning on real time automations, such as turning on bathroom lights and things that need something to happen immediately. I replaced 3 of my ‘other’ motion detectors with these Iris ones. We were used to lights taking up to 4 or 5 seconds to react, down to less than .5 seconds. WAF went way up :slight_smile:


I love all of mine!

I have 2, bought at the same time about a year ago, to turn on lights. One is perfect/the other one is iffy. I put in a new battery but it will still randomly fire on its own or get stuck on motion for 10 minutes. It might just be that there are ghosts living in my kitchen. :thinking:

Edit: that iffy sensor worked perfect the first 8 months.

Is this the one you have?

The back of my sensor says: 332o-L. Maybe that’s an older version?

Edit: OK, I might of found the problem. My daughter got these 2 sensors for me Christmas 2015. The iffy one is a 332o-L and the good one is an 3326-L. If I remember right, the packages were the same. My birthday is in 2 weeks, looks like she might need to get me a new one!

That is interesting. I’ve had one working for about a year and a half. Never a problem with it, had the same battery the whole time. 2-3 nights ago it went crazy with false motions all night. Checked voltage and it was low. So I replaced the battery. It’s been nothing but problems since. Random motion, even when facing the wall, and doesn’t reset to inactive for a good 10 minutes. It had been running on the old custom DTH, but I have since tried to reset it to the smartsense motion sensor. I have excluded from hub and added again, same issues.

Ogre the past week to ten days my iris motion and contact websites have really been acting up. Mostly the motion sensors just dropping off network.

I have rebuilt the mesh and that did not help.

These things have been working perfect for over a year… And now all of a sudden…daily failure.

Had one drop off yesterday. A quick repair and add thing search and it popped back up as the same device and is fine since.

Yeah, same here… Pop out the battery, start a search, put the battery back in, count to ten, cancel search… All good.

I have two Iris motion sensors. The first one I got was dead on arrival and stuck on motion. I exchanged it and haven’t had an issue since. They are quicker to respond than the Samsung motion sensor I have in another bathroom. For the price/performance they are at the top of my list.

…Pure Doo Doo! They are horrid and Never Ever Works! That’s why I never got any. Yep, absolutely no hands on at all.

K, carry on. :joy:

Hello everyone,
I’m new to smart things … I had IRIS by Lowes (actually did a commercial for them using IRIS)… but I need more since they don’t support Arlo or Ring devices. Would anyone be willing to assist in getting some Iris motion sensors online for me… I have the newer version I’m assuming since I just got system over the summer…

Thanks in advance :blush:

Not sure what you’re asking for,. But I’m sure the community will jump in and help best they can with your questions.

They setup normally, no need for assistance.