Iris Contact Sensor Battery Status Issue

Does anybody else use multiple Iris Contact Sensors? I ask as I have 4 in place right now. Two have been in place for a year and two have been in place for about a month. I was just staring at my ActiveTiles dashboard a little bit ago and noticed the freak coincidence that all four of them have exactly 78% battery life remaining. Seems unlikely, huh? Wondering if others have noticed anything similar. I think 78% makes sense for the older ones, but the others should be near 100% and the likelihood that four batteries installed at difference times fade to exactly the same capacity is pretty low. I could delete and re-add them, of course, but that would take effort. Seems more fun to theorize about what’s going on :grin:

Totally normal. Most battery devices drop down rather quickly to between 65-80% then stay there for a very long time. Nothing to worry about. I’ve had iris motion and contact drop to 78% on day one, and still there 1.5 years later.

Also they drop in ranges. Like 89%, 78%, 67%, etc. so you will never see 77%. It will stay 78% until they drop to 67.


Sweet. Appears the batteries they ship are very, very consistent. :slight_smile:

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