Motion sensors eating batteries since migration

Anyone else finding that their motion sensors are going through batteries much more rapidly since migration to new app ?

It might just be a coincidence but i have had 4 iris motion sensors ( all using the native smart sense handler) chew through new batteries in only a week or so. These sensors have been running for years on the old app etc with no issues. They have also become a bit sleepy (sometimes stop working and need to take batteries out and put back in to get them going again)

If it was just one sensor then i would assume the sensor had an issue but 4 is a bit too much of a coincidence.

All my other brands of sensors seem to be fine, and not all my iris ones are doing this…

not sure if its an issue or just me overthinking things…

I have to say that I’ve replaced the batteries in six of my eight sensors in the last month. I put it down to coincidence, but maybe not…

Was there a firmware update for the sensors recently? Sometimes while they’re updating they can eat through batteries.

I don’t think the generic iris motion sensors i use get firmware updates ( at least not when using the smart sense motion sensor handler)

They have all worked great for years and i usually get many months from the batteries

IDE reads this

  • Current Version: 0x1C005310
  • Target Version: 0x1C005310
  • Last Updated: N/A

Anyway im watching them all to see if any more run out of battery earlier than expected

I wonder if the issue is instead related to the recent hub firmware update and not migration to the new app.

report the issue to ST support if you haven’t already

this is a very good possibility and ive noticed that device firmware updates do wear down batteries.

also, the smartthings motion v3, the one with the magnetic silver ball stand, when placed in a high traffic area will chew thru batteries.

I replaced my Mailbox, Study Door, Boy’s Room Motion 1 and 2, Kitchen Motion, Guest Room Motion and a couple more just a couple of weeks ago. They typically will stay at 90+% for a couple of months and usually last for well over 8 months but they are already in the 70s…Hmmm, me no like this.

Just replaced the Toilet Door yesterday so I’ll monitor it to see how fast the juice drops.

Many times there have been an update I’m always replacing a battery in one of my sensors & some other sensors see a battery drain. Sont know why but it does happen.