Iris Monitoring working with smartthings?

I have had smartthings working with simplisafe for a while and for the most part im happy with it. My only real complaint is that the motion and contact sensors from one system cant be seen by the other. I have a handful of iris motion and contact sensors that work with my st setup. so what im wondering is, can i set up the iris home monitoring service (for a new alarm system), and use the iris motion and contact sensors with the iris hub and the ST hub? maybe join the iris hub as part of the smartthings setup?

Unfortunately not if you are referring to the Iris brand sensors because those are zigbee, and most zigbee devices can only belong to one coordinator. So they can report to either the iris hub or the SmartThings hub but not both, and there is no way to join the 2 hubs together for zigbee.

At the present time the only monitoring service that SmartThings has an official integration with is scout. I haven’t used it myself, so I don’t know how well it works.

cool. that looks interesting. i see with ST you dont need the scout hub, but it doesnt look like the sensors from scout and ST can work together

but here it says scout uses the ST sensors:

i guess i need to do some research but if scout can see the ST sensors for the monitored alarm, i think this might be what i need to go with. thanks for the suggestion!!

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Did you find out any more about this? I have my whole house set up with ST contact sensors and don’t want to have to buy all new stuff so I’m trying to see if there’s an option to use what I have with a monitoring program. Did you find anything?

Yeah, Scout looks to be the way to do. According to their email support, all you have to do is set up your Scout account through the smartthings app and for $20/month you get 24/7 monitored service. The scout alarm can be configured for any of the contact and motion sensors in your smartthings system, so when the SHM is armed, scout arms and uses the selected sensors from ST to monitor your home. I would need to purchase a siren to replace what i have now, but other than that it sounds like a great, inexpensive option to truly integrate ST with an alarm. the only thing i dont like is you can only arm and disarm through either the scout app, or by changing the ST SHM status (in the ST app, or in my case, an action tiles panel). so if ST has cloud or 3rd party integration issues, id have to launch the scout app to disarm it instead of using a physical keypad.

Maybe IFTTT? Sorry I don’t have the Iris hub but possible they have channels with IFTTT that you guys can bridge to ST.

I didnt think about IFTTT. that could be a workable option. it would require the iris hub and i assume moving everything to that hub, then using IFTTT instead of my ST pistons and routines to turn lights on or off. its worth looking into, though, especially if i can find a deal on an iris system and i can use IFTTT to arm the iris system when i change the SHM state.