Iris Brand Linear GD00Z-1 Garage Door Controller on Clearance $30.07 at Lowe's

I was at my local Lowe’s this morning and saw this garage door controller on clearance. This is a fantastic price for the controller I have one myself and have been using it for over a year with no problems. There are a couple of device handler’s and SmartApps floating around that work well with it.


Wow… I am going to have to go to Lowes and see if they have one. If they do (and it is this price) I can replace my Linear relay and use that relay (and tilt sensor) for something else!

Threw this on a site called fatwallet. I’ve heard back from a couple of people. One says that they’ve seen it for as low as $5. Not sure I want to believe that but another says that their area is selling them for about $79, that I can believe. I would take the pic in to the manager and try to get that price even if it happens to be higher where you are. Can’t hurt to ask :slight_smile:

My Lowes has it for $79.99 until 4-29-16 I have never seen any of the sales for any IRIS stuff in my area and there are 6 Lowes stores. The only time there was a great sale is when they were clearing out the Generation 1 stuff.

I bought one on ebay for $50 and love the thing. Need a second for the Wife’s door, but no Lowes.

Good luck all. Mine has worked flawlessly thus far. So nice to hit it from over a block away and just roll into my garage without having to stop.

They were $20 at my local store a while back:

Man I’m in the market for one of these but I’m not seeing it less than 79.99. :sob:

My Lowes-es never have the attractive clearance pricing that I see posted here all the time. Washington DC metro area.

Dammit. I just bought two of them for 79 bucks each… It’s been just a hair more than 30 days, so I can’t return or price match.

sigh Just my luck.

What is the zip code of the store where they have it for the $30?

Denver, NC 28037

At my local Lowe’s today these were marked down to $13.98, but they were out of stock.

At my local Lowes it is listed as $79 online. However, when I was in the store it was on sale for $55. I bought one last month for $39. Zip is 98516

Lowes return policy is 90 days, I would try to price match.

Is this legitimately the same as the GoControl one that’s $90 on Amazon? My lowes has them on sale so I’m ready to jump for it should that be the case!

Same exact thing.

I’m currently travelling to Louisiana for work and bought 2 at the local Lowe’s for $5.50 each :open_mouth:

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I wish my Lowe’s had them on sale… you scored big time! Congrats!

I don’t even need them! $30 shipped before they go on eBay if anybody wants one.

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