Iris Garage Opener. Ready to go it up. Steps to properly connect to ST?

Hey guys. So I finally bit the bullet and purchased this last night. Thanks to everyone for helping me figure out if it’s going to work for me. I am hopeful it will.

I’m ready to hook everything up but am wanting to know the proper steps for doing so with smart things. Should I power it on and add the device first before connecting it to my garage door? Or should I get it all mounted up and connected to the garage door system first before I sync it to smart things? Thanks in advance for your help. Excited to get it up as I’ve been wanting to do this since I purchased it.

And we’re done! I appreciate everyone’s help with this. Got it all hooked up and working. Excited to test out the auto close and open.

One more question. I have a rule set up so if the door is open for 5 min it auto closes. I’d like to set up a piston so if the door is open for longer than 10 min I get a notification but can’t seem to find that in core. Where would I set this?

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Is it not possible to add this to Google home? Went in to add it but it’s not listed.

Not unless you use a custom device handler that adds switch capabilities.

Sounds like more pain than it’s worth.

Any idea on my previous question on notification?

I’m not sure about the pistons. I don’t use them yet. But there is a category made for questions just like that.

As for the custom device handler, it’s really not as difficult to set up as you would think. It’s definitely worth a look at.

Are you using core or webcore?
The action your looking for is labeled "send push notification"

This is the hanlder i use to add the switch capability. There a few different versions floating around i think but they all work great.
I then use google shortcuts to open and close it without having to say on or off. I also use ifttt to give me a more natural response of opening garage door instead of turning on garage door.

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Not sure what you mean by Google shortcuts?

I’m using Core. I went in to set it up and did if garage door is open for 10 min then but didn’t see notification option under the categories.

Is there a way to make it so the garage door closes when only one person leaves? The only option I’m seeing for leaving is to close when everyone leaves.

When you go to add an action. Select the first tab that starts with control location mode. This will then show the options for things like notifications, routines, SHM, etc. There is where you will see send notification.
For the presence sensor i would add that in the if section. There will be a selection for presence sensors. I wiuld recommend also adding a safeguard. Like mine is that i add that all my motion sensors have been in active for 5 minutes.