Iris garage door controller

I bought this yesterday. Paired it with st and connected to wall plate wires. Powered it up synced it 2 times. But only shows status open/close and not controlling actually. I have backlight wall plate with switch and time.IMG_20180309_190811795

Please help if y’all think I got to solder it.

What Device Type Handler are you using?

I would start by getting in touch with support for the zwave garage controller unit. It is not compatible with all types of craftsman models, but they can let you know.

That device is made by Nortek, which sells their devices under many different names, including go control and the iris version.

I just bought st also last week so no device handler just yet. thanks

I already did but no satisfactory reply. I m just gonna solder garage remote to Iris. Thanks

Does it beep and flash, but never opens?

FVI have one Iris and one gocontrol, both hooked to Craftsman openers. One wire goes to red, the other to white. Hooks in right where the wall switch does. I paired them to Smartthings at the hub, before installing. I do remember they were both quirky. One I had to un-pair and then pair again. I had to push that button on the side a bunch of times. After I got them running, about a year ago, they have worked great. I do remember I had to push the pair button more than once. Also make sure your door sensor is pointing in the correct direction…check battery voltage…and make sure your door closes with the original switch. (I had something blocking my eye, which moved when I was fiddling with the sensor install)
FYI: Step 9: Finally, configure the tilt sensor orientation by manually opening and closing the garage door before controlling it.
Good luck!