Best Garage Door Setup?

So I installed 2 GD00Z-1 (Lowes Iris) Garage Door controllers, and I have them working with SmartThings. I also created 2 Virtual Switches. 4 Routines (1 for open and 1 for close for each door), 2 “Switch Activates Home Phrase” SmartApp setups to tie the switch to the Routine.

I then can control each door individually through Alexa, and I created a garage door group within alexa, so I can control both together.

All this appears to be working, but I’m wondering if it’s the best setup. Or should I dive into the Noobs guide (which I’ve scanned briefly). What functionality am I really gaining by doing this? Is it worth the time involved?

Also, is there anyway to see the tilt sensor’s battery within SmartThings?

If it works for you the way you like - Go with it. There is NO RIGHT here - there is what works for the user!

I have made this feature request to ST (tilt sensor being child of the opener) so battery levels can be monitored. Long story - but just know I did formally request - perhaps the more that do continue request it the higher up the priority though :slight_smile:

I love the smart garage door ! One of my fav’s - never have to worry the garage door is left open !

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So do you use the standard setup or one of the custom device setups? I’m also looking for some ideas on how to use it. Do you do anything beyond the standard open/close with alexa support?

I do have it pushing me notifications on open/close, but that seems excessive. Basically I guess I just want to know if it’s open and my presence (phone) isn’t there.

Standard - ish ?

yes, the Alexa set up for sure - both native (with a VS set up) but not a fan of the clunky linguistics, so I like ASK ALEXA for that - as well the use of PIN code is valuable for some users.

Closing and opening based on arrival(s) - sounds like you have that down.

Audio announcements - so I “hear” when home if “the garage door is now opened” or "closed"
Notifications - sounds like you have these on your phone (PUSH OR SMS - or both)

This is a great community and a lot of users willing to help others out. Great sharing goes on here.
So if you get stuck - this is a valuable resource. Just be careful — you can catch the HA bug quickly.

What’s the ASK Alexa? I would like to say Open/Close (instead of On/Off) but it seems hit or miss.

ASK ALEXA is a VERY powerful custom smart app, written by one of ST’s best community developers @MichaelS. The installation does take some effort, but the documentation to do it is straight forward, VERY comprehensive and well written (including screen shots).

There is a thread on the forum here for the Ask Alexa app - which many people will engage with you if you need help or have questions including the developer himself!

You can check it out here :

Voice automation changes everything! Who wants to be dragging around hardware to control stuff ? !

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Add a timer function to message me that door has been open too long then close the door if left open for so many minutes is a one of my fav setups.

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The noobs guide has a link for a custom device handler. That dth has the virtual switches built in and it works wonderfully. I’ve been using it for over a year and not a single glitch.

You can use askAlexa as well as EchoSistant to use the open and close commands. The two apps are similar, but deliver a very different user experience.

Honestly, to gain the most control and voice power over your system, I recommend that you install both of the apps.

What smart app do you use for the timer function?

do a search here on the forums and you will several techniques that are being used.

I’m finding a number of apps that apparently can do it. Which one do you use?

I think CoRE provides the utmost flexibility for automatic closing. But for me I use a smartapp to notify me of the door being opened and I get a TEXT or Message to my phone. I then can close the garage from my phone if primary stand alone hardware device that is independent of SmartThings doesn’t. (I had before my SmartThings addiction.) :slight_smile:

Are the “audio announcements” a verbal announcement or are you referring to the sounds your phone provides when it receives a message notification? If it is verbal, how have you enabled this functionality?
Thanks Ed

I was referring to a spoken message on a Sonos speaker. I think the easiest most straight forward way is to use the dashboard security custom notification OR if Sonos is your choice of audio integration the Sonos notify smart app.
There are MANY audio notification smart apps that CAN be used. As @dalec noted CoRE is VERY good at just about any and everything, Big Talker, etc etc are all out there for the taking.