Iris Duraflame Heater Help

I need help creating a device handler for this I was able to get it to pair with smartthings but am unable to get it to work with using the other zigbee device handlers as a base.

I can’t contribute to this, but I would be very interested in seeing it work. I would look to a few of the developers here who have implemented multiple IRIS/Lowes based devices.

Try the CentraLite Thermostat DH. It’s a zigbee thermostat and may be a good starting point for a custom DH.

i did doesn’t work

Bummer. You should watch the live log for that device as you press buttons on it to see what it captures. What did it find it as when it was included?

came in as a thing

with zero functionality

Bummer x2, but you could create your own DH using Thing as a template and replace line 38 with this:

log.debug “Parse description $description”

That will start putting stuff into the live log.

I’ll try i don’t know the foggiest on programmingzigbee

I think you’ll be better off finding someone in this Community that has one, or is willing to get one, to help build a DH. Trying to do that without a device is very challenging, plus the implications of not doing it right could have adverse consequences.

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