Iris Duraflame Heater

I have come across this heater multiple time and would like to know if anyone knows anything about it or if it can be integrated with SmartThings.

It says it’s Zigbee but doesn’t list Zigbee HA 1.2. I could be using their proprietary protocol but it says it works with the new hub (which I don’t believe uses the old protocol)… Someone would have to get one to test it out…

Works with Iris. Are there devices that work with Iris that can’t be paired to ST? Likely would need a device handler.

All of the gen 1 devices used a proprietary Zigbee stack and could not be paired with ST. With their Gen 2 hub they moved to the standard Zigbee HA 1.2 which mean’t the new devices would work directly with ST.

Does the new iris hub work with old iris devices?

Allegedly it does, yes.

ok I bought one and here’s the spill

it does sync to smartthings as a thing
a developer will need to make a device type for it

it is a zigbee device also

Change the device type to a zigbee switch or zigbee dimmer to see if you can turn it on / off. If that works, with the dimmer see if adjusting the level changes the heat level.

doesn’t work

Try changing it to

Centralite Thermostat
Fidure Thermostat

already tried fidure no bueno

neither did the centralite

It supports cluster libraries 0x201 and 0x204 so it looks like it might follow the zigbee standard. Might just need a DH to properly configure the device. Not 100% sure.

thats basically what I am thinking but I am unable to make one

I can test it easily

features needed would be to read the current temp

raise / lower temp on heater

on and off button

the last iris thing I had help integrating was the dog door and it still works no issues

and a run time timer

Change it back to the centralite and hit the configure button on the device UI in the ST app.

Also, watch the logs in the IDE, paste the, here. Also try different settings and paste the corresponding logs here.