Is there a "How To" for creating a Device Handler?

There are several devices I am wanting to get to work but I know nothing about programming. I know there’s a lot of information on how this has been done with other devices but not a general “how to”. I was able to understand what was being done through the process of creating the device handler but a lot of what was being looked at was above me.

I don’t expect to learn this over night but I’m hoping this community could help people like me to further the capabilities of ST.

Have you searched the forum to make sure that no one else has already created a DTH for those devices?

The SmartThings documentation is basically a “How To”.


Here is a wiki for DTH’s ans apps that have already been developed. You may find this useful.

What are some of the devices that you want to make work with Smartthings? For direct compatibility, they should be Zigbee HA1.2 or Z-Wave. WiFi devices typically need some kind of cloud to cloud integration. If the device has an IFTTT channel, then you can integrate that way.

@krlaframboise, yes I did. They aren’t available. This might just be something too in depth for me I am still reading up on everything.

@bobbles I haven’t seen that yet, I’ll check it out - thanks!

@Jimxenus all of the devices are ZigBee. Is there a way to determine if they are HA 1.2?

You’ll probably have to look at the specs somewhere. ZigBee can have proprietary versions that won’t work with SmartThings. For example, many version 1 Iris devices from Lowes are not compatible.

The devices in question are:

MCT-302 SMA (not 320)
SMCSR01-Z (siren/strobe/repeater)
MCT-427 (smoke detector)
SMCCO02-Z (CO Detector)
MCT-550 SMA (flood sensor)

Instead of creating another thread to ask, I’ll just post it here. Is there a simulator of some sort to see how the device handler preview in the mobile app? I’m editing a generic handler and would just like to preview the changes I’m making instead of going to the ST app.

Unless I’m wrong, the app can only use device handlers and apps already created by you or others. God must have created the world via www and not iOS/android. :wink: