Assistance with unrecognised Zigbee Bulb

Hi all, new to smartthings and curious about a ZigBee bulb a friend of mine gave me to try and get working with ST. It’s an old Philips “LivingAmbiance” (or “LivingWhites”) bulb.

I’ve put it in and turned it on, but unfortunately ST doesn’t find it. I’ve been looking into the guides on creating Device Handlers and although it makes sense, it doesn’t really provide a Starting point in terms of how i’d go about even attempting to add this device.

I’m possibly being ignorant, but from fiddling around with the IDE i’d imagine the ideal sceanrio would be to create a new handler from an existing Zigbee Fingerprint, or alternatively from a template, however I believe in order to do anything i first need to know the attributes of the bulb, but i’ve no idea how to get these.

Apologies if i’m way off track, i’m just looking for a starting point really. I’m more than happy to spend lots of time fiddling once i’ve got the foundations.

Thanks in advance for any help

Same thing. I don’t know where to start from to write custom device handler for my switch (NodOn Wall Switch). I found information about it here (, but I still not able to pair it with my Hub.

I able to add device handler for another switch, but it connected to the Hub without issues so I was able to parse Z-Wave raw commands to understand how it works.

I also have a Z-Stick Gen5, but still no clue how to scan z-wave network to add my custom NodOn Wall Switch to the ST network.